July Cause Partner: End Rape On Campus Australia

Every month, we donate a portion of our sales to a cause that supports women. This month, we've decided to partner with End Rape On Campus Australia (EROC).

EROC is a completely volunteer run charity that offers direct support to survivors of sexual violence on Australian university campuses, as well as advocating for policy reform at the state and federal levels. Over the past 3 years since it first formed, EROC has become the leading organisation representing student survivors of sexual violence.

EROC is a cause that is super close to mine and Kmac's hearts. I've worked as an ambassador for EROC since it began in May 2015, so I know first hand how much the group achieves on a tiny budget - we're just 6 chicks, working super hard to ensure that every person, irrespective of their gender, can access an education free from sexual violence. EROC is totally badass and we're stoked to be able to contribute to this cause this month.

You can read more about EROC here.


Priscilla Fisher