SOLD OUT / COL: Angi Quintero

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Finca El Guyacan - Cauca, Colombia

Angi Quintero


Producer: Angi Quintero

Farm Name: Finca El Guayacan

Location: Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1938 masl

Husband and wife team, Angi Quintero and Johany Quilindo own Finca El Guayacan, where they live with their young daughter. They have been producing specialty coffee since 2015 as a way to fetch a higher price for their crop and provide for their family. Angi manages the drying stations, keeping time and control of the drying process for all of the coffee produced on the farm. In the future, Angi would like to upgrade the infrastructure of their post-harvest stations. Meanwhile, Angi and her husband will continue striving for excellence and trying to improve the quality of their coffee through variety selection, better post harvest processing and a lot of hard work.

We chose this coffee because of our ongoing relationship with Caravela who sourced this coffee for us. This is our second year purchasing female owned micro-lots from Colombia. Roasted for a filter profile, this coffee reminds us of vanilla, cola and cherry.

Total Farm Area: 2.5ha

Area in Coffee: 2.2ha

Varietal: Bourbon + Colombia

Processing: Fully washed and fermented for 18 hours

Association: None

Sourced From: Caravela

Priscilla Fisher