ECU: Dilma Ponce


Finca La Giuglia, Ecuador

Dilma Ponce

Producer: Dilma Ponce

Farm Name: Finca La Giuglia

Location: Nanegal, Ecuador

Altitude: 1370 masl

We’ve teamed up with our gal pal and World Aeropress Championships 2018 semi-finalist, Elly Cortez, to roast her competition coffee for the 2019 Canadian National Barista Championship.

Our excellent friends at Caravela have facilitated the purchase of this sidra lot from Finca La Giuglia, Ecuador. Dilma and her brother, Pedro, farm coffee together and named the farm after Dilma’s daughter Giuglia to signify their change from farming sugar cane to producing specialty coffee. A year after they made this change they entered the Taza Dorada competition and came third. Through further persistence and improvement they won in 2016 and have continued to produce delicious and high quality coffee ever since.

In collaboration with Elly we have roasted this coffee for its bright, sweet characteristics and incredible complexity. Amongst the huge number of flavour descriptors we could use, what stands out for us are marshmallow, sparkling pink grapefruit and grape jelly.

Total Farm Area: 3.2ha

Area in Coffee: 3ha

Varietal: Sidra

Processing: Fully washed and dry fermented for 15 hours

Association: None

Sourced From: Cinco by Caravela

Priscilla Fisher