BRA: Kleumon Moreira


Piatã, Brazil

Kleumon Moreira

Producer: Kleumon Moreira

Farm Name: Sitio Canaã

Location: Piatã, Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Altitude: 1280-1340 masl

Sitio Canaã is owned and managed by Kleumon Silva Moreira. Kleumon is young – 26 years old (!!) – but has been working in coffee for the past decade, alongside Antônio Rigno.  Antônio is widely regarded as the best producer in the region and is famous for his commitment to quality, and has many accolades for his coffees in the Cup of Excellence competition and other quality awards over the years. He has provided advice and mentorship for many producers in the region, and Kleumon has worked by his side over the last decade learning everything from how to plant and care for the trees through to processing.

2 years ago, Kleumon had saved enough to plant his own coffee farm, and this is the very first harvest from his farm. This lot is a mix of 7 varieties that Kleumon has planted on the farm – Rubi, Roxinho, Yellow Obata, Catuai 144, Topazio, Catuai 78515, and Bourbon.  Passionfruit and strawberries also grow on the farm and these crops are supplementing his income whilst the coffee plantation is established.

Kleumon represents the next generation of coffee producers in Piata, and already is showing great promise.

Varietal: Rubi, Roxinho, Yellow Obata, Catuai 144, Topazio, Catuai 78515, and Bourbon

Processing: Pulped natural

Sourced From: Melbourne Coffee Merchants

NIC: Arlin Andino / Milk Beverages
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