NIC: Claudia Rivera

Producer: Claudia Rivera

Partner’s Name: Felipe Perez

Farm Name: Finca El Porvenir

Varietal/s: Caturra, Catuai

Processing: Fully Washed

Flavour Profile: Vanilla Ice Cream

Claudia María Rivera was born and raised on Finca El Porvenir, surrounded by coffee trees. From a young age, she helped her father, Jesús Rivera Palacios, keeping track of the coffee production, recording the information of coffee harvested, kilograms, costs, fermentation times, drying times and incomes. It was through experience that Claudia learned how to manage a coffee farm. She inherited Finca El Porvenir in 1996, and she knew exactly how her father used to manage the farm and produce coffee, so she decided to follow in his steps. However, with the help of her husband, Felipe, her next move was to start looking for something that could differentiate her coffee from the rest, and this is how she settled on producing specialty coffee.

Finca El Porvenir is located in the nature reserve Cerro Datanli - El Diablo, a high massif located between the cities of Matagalpa and Jinotega. It's a magical place, where birds and butterflies dance around the coffee trees that cling to impossibly steep mountainsides, in the shade of the lush cloud forest. In this area, there are around 10 small and medium scale producers, who grow coffee as well as other crops. They have developed efficient agricultural production systems, well adapted to the agroecological conditions. The favourable farm location has benefited Claudia and Felipe in their production of coffee with the perfect climate, fauna, and diverse water sources. In the past, Claudia has participated in Cup of Excellence Editions, achieving excellent results. This has motivated her to continue striving towards producing amazing coffees.

Kristy Mujana