GUAT: El Calagual


Producer: Darwin Estuardo & Fabian Estrada

Farm Name: El Calagual

Varietal/s: Catuai, Pache

Processing: Natural

Flavour Profile: Yellow Nectarine, Tangerine, Apple

This 330kg micro-lot comes from a tiny 4.5-hectare farm located near the village of Concepción Zacuapa in Santa Rosa. It was produced by Darwin Estaurdo Fabian Estrada.

Darwin is a fifth generation coffee producer. His family’s history in coffee dates back to 1899, when his family moved to Santa Rosa de Lima and established a large 154-hectare farm called Finca El Chicon. Bonifacio Fabian, Darwin’s father inherited a small piece of this farm called El Calagual, named after the abundant native trees in the area with this name.

For many years Bonifacio sold the coffee as cherry to local markets at commercial prices. However, his son began to see the potential in the farm after he began studying agronomy at university. He specialised in coffee, and realised very quickly that his family’s farm had all of the right conditions to produce exceptional coffee, with the right varieties planted, high altitude and unique micro climate. After much badgering he convinced his father to let him try to harvest and process some coffee as part of his thesis. The cup results were excellent, and this helped Darwin convince his father about the potential of the farm.

Darwin is now managing the farm and experimenting with processes and varieties in order to maximise the farms quality potential. Given the incredibly low prices in the commodity market Darwin recognises that having superior quality will enable him to access much better prices for the coffee and secure a much more sustainable future for his family’s farm. When he is not at the El Calagual, Darwin works at Prisma, our export partners in Guatemala. There he manages the lab and works in the QC program, giving him amazing skills to be able to taste and evaluate his coffees alongside other exceptional coffees in Guatemala.

Darwin is now doing lots of small and very focused experiments on the farm, which thanks to its small scale is possible. This year he has built African beds, which has allowed him to process some naturals, and his next step will be to invest in a pulper to enable him to process honey and fully washed coffees.

This is the first year that Darwin has sold his coffee and we fell in love with it on the table. We are so excited to be working with Darwin and look forward to seeing how his coffee offering evolves in coming years.

Priscilla Fisher