ONGOING SUBSCRIPTION: Confetti Espresso Blend

ONGOING SUBSCRIPTION: Confetti Espresso Blend

from 15.00 every month

ONGOING SUBSCRIPTION: Confetti Espresso Blend

How the subscription works

  1. Select weight and grind size that you will need each month

  2. Your payment is processed on the same day monthly

  3. Your coffee is sent out on the first Thursday of every month

  4. That’s it! Enjoy your coffee at home and never worry about running out!

We have  selected coffees that we have loved as single origin offerings to bring you a rounded blend that makes a delicious brew with or without milk.

50% El Diablo - Nicaragua | 50% Huila RTB - Colombia

Tasting Notes: Sugar Cookies and Cocoa

**Please note, due to limited roasting days the majority of coffee sold through our online store is dispatched on a Thursday. In a lot of cases we are able to send earlier , if you have run out of your supply contact us for an exact date your order will be available. Please see our Shipping Policy for more information. <3 Kmac + Cill