Colombia - Victoria Lasso + Alejandro Ahumada / Espresso

Colombia - Victoria Lasso + Alejandro Ahumada / Espresso

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Victoria Lasso + Alejandro Ahumada - Female Producer

Finca Buena Vista is owned by Victoria Lasso and is just 1.5 hectares in size. Victoria and her husband, Alejandro Ahumada, manage the farm on which 5000 coffee trees are planted. The couple stroll the farm to supervise their employees who do the bulk of the strenuous labour.

Victoria is the eldest of the Lasso family, who are well known for their involvement in the establishment of the regional organisation FUDAM (Fundacion Agraria y Ambiental Para el Desarrollo Sostenible or The Agrarian and Environmental Foundation for Sustainable Development). This organisation is committed to improving human development and environmental sustainability, and has played an active role in securing economic independence for many women in the region. The Lasso family are also responsible for planting some of the first coffee seeds in the region some 60 years ago.

Location: Buenos Aires, Narino, Colombia

Altitude: 1990 masl

Farm Name: Finca Buena Vista

Process: Fully Washed

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Tasting Notes: blackcurrant, chocolate

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