Costa Rica - Vista Del Lago Honey Geisha / Filter

Costa Rica - Vista Del Lago Honey Geisha / Filter

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Vista Del Lago - Honey Geisha

Our very first geisha! This super special coffee is from Alto Del Cura, Costa Rica and farmed by the Navarros family - 4th generation coffee producers and actual legends. Carefully honey processed, the delicate and clean cup of this coffee won our hearts.

Location: Alto Del Cura, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1300 masl

Producer: Vernie Navarros

Process: Honey

Variety: Geisha

Tasting Notes: delicate, tea, raspberry

**Please note, due to limited roasting days the majority of coffee sold through our online store is dispatched on a Thursday, although in many of cases we are able to send earlier. If you have run out of your supply, feel free to contact us for an exact date your order will be available, or see our Shipping Policy for more information.

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